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Configure a Google Mail

When you have to set up the mail configuration with a gmail address

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1) First you need to go to your Google Account.

For that, you can start at your Mail inbox;

Click on the user icon on the top right.

Make sure you are logged in with the mail you are going to use on RENTLY's general configuration.

Click on "Manage your google Account"

Once there, go to "Security".

If not already configured, you will need to set up 2 Step Verification.

Once 2 Step Verification is set up, use the search bar to find the "App Passwords" section.

The first step to create an App Password is to input an app name, here you can use a generic name like "Rently-Email"

After clicking on create you will receive a pop up with a code.

This code should be pasted on Rently, under General Configuration -> Mail Configuration -> Password.

The Mail Configuration tab should be completed with the following values:

  1. Send email notifications: This option should be turned on

  2. Host:

  3. Port: 465

  4. Enable SSL: SslOnConnect

  5. Use Credentials by default: this option should be turned off

  6. User: [The mail address you are configuring]

  7. Password: [The app password generated]

Once completed it should look like this:

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