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Steps options for the app In&Out
Steps options for the app In&Out
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This document provides detailed guidance on the different types of steps available to set up a inspection process on the pickup and drop off. Each step type has its own description and configuration options, designed to fit the specific needs of your car rental operation. Follow the detailed instructions below to properly configure the steps in the app and ensure a smooth and accurate inspection experience.


This type of step provides textual instructions to the user in text format. Directions may include relevant information about the car check process, specific procedures to follow, or any other important guidelines to ensure a complete and accurate inspection.

Multiple choice

The multiple choice configuration allows the operator to select one or more options from a predefined list. In this step, it is possible to establish the instructions to select everything, define a list of options with the possibility of determining the number of items to select and establish minimum and maximum values. You can also indicate if any of the options are required to complete the checking process.


This step is used to collect relevant textual information during the car check process. These fields can be optional or required, and a help text or placeholder can be provided to indicate the type of information that is expected.


This type of step allows the operator to take relevant photos during the car check process. It can be configured to allow the addition of multiple images and specify if any of them are required. Additionally, it is possible to set descriptive names for each image, making it easier to identify and organize attachments.


This step is used to collect digital signatures, such as that of the customer, additional drivers, or guarantors, as necessary.


This step provides specific information about the vehicle's mileage value during delivery or return.


Configuring this step allows you to collect information about the vehicle's fuel level during delivery and return.


This step is used to review and record any additional items added to the vehicle reservation during the check-in process. The configuration includes the definition of additional elements that may be available and the possibility of recording their inclusion or exclusion during the car inspection.

Photo Review

Setting up this step allows you to review photos taken during delivery of the vehicle to verify its condition and any existing damage.


Any required changes to the application protocol, including configuration of inspection steps, must be requested via [email protected]. Our implementation team will be happy to help you and ensure that the application fits perfectly with your operational needs.

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